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Our Founder

Our Founder/CTO, Charles Wang, designed the sensor orientations for Terma's AN/ALQ-213 Missile Warning System and ECM Pod (currently used on 8,000+ NATO aircraft - including the F-16, A-10, C-130, and etc). Our founder also patented our new, distributed-networking, computer language - called "Signal & Filter Language" (SFL) - designed for our command & control software. SFL has also being used by our licensing companies in the applications of "Network Centric Integrated SAMs," "Distributed Computing of the Simulated Missile Trajectories and Pk Ratios," and the "Distributed Computing of Sequencing Data from Optical Genetic Chips." (resume)

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VrMaverick is a Tech Company formed by a group of experts in fields of missile guidance systems, electronic warfare, DSP, and software 
engineering. Established in 2014, VrMaverick is in the business of integrating modern mobile & IoT devices, virtual/augmented reality platforms, and drones into combat weapons. We are focused on 1) putting the most advanced, fighter-jet and missile technologies into our automatic-targeting & precision-guided, smart weapons, 2) assist in augmenting our current human capabilities through VR/AR, 3) and bring us all a peace-of-mind through our surveillance & security program.

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Here at VrMaverick company, we have designed and developed the weapons and the automatic targeting systems of "RoboCop" and the "Terminator" through our focus on developing mobile systems and mobile apps and manufacturing the electric-optical sensors that can wirelessly connect with these mobile devices. Our "smart" targeting modules will help sharpshooters by helping them aim their weapons to maximize the precision of their pistol and rifle shots (up to 1000+ yards). Our mission is to instantly make every novice shooter into an expert marksman with the help of modern mobile and IoT computing devices.

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Meeting all of your 21st century security needs
CoverShot is a wireless, night-vision, targeting camera that can be easily mounted on to any pistol, allowing a shooter to aim and fire at her targets under cover and around the corners, in any light and weather conditions, without exposing herself to the harm of return fire. 
Our smart, rifle scope (TrackingScope) works by sending a live, targeting, video feed from the rifle's sight to any mobile or augmented display, allowing the shooter to simply point their rifle without needing to be in a position to see their target.
Our targeting app can be used on augmented reality platforms to allow shooters to fire 'blind' from under cover and around corners. Our "smart" rifle scope has a laser range finder, a windage detector, night vision, and a ballistic trajectory computer to automatically aim the gun for the shooter. The "smart" rifle scope will automatically do the ballistic calculations and stream a live targeting sight on to any head-mounted display of what the shooter is going to hit. 
Our smart, precision-guidance kits allow shooters to see their targets on any mobile and wearable devices. Our kits also maximize sharp-shooters' precision by automatically 
calculating their ballistic trajectories on their mobile devices. ( Investor's Pitch Deck)

Our "smart," targeting kits also provide unprecedented benefits to sharp-shooters by providing them with the ability to shoot accurately from around corners, behind low walls, and in any other firing position that can also provide maximum cover. Without our technology, such firing positions would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Targeting System of RoboCop  & Terminator