What if you could browse the web in virtual reality? Just imagine the potentials. Hyperlinks could take you, not to Wikipedia pages about history, but right to the 360° view of the landscapes of ancient cultures. Immerse yourself in wars and plagues. Message boards could also become 360° view of face-to-face chats. If you own a clothing store, imagine being capable of offering your customers a virtual-reality, shopping experience from online. They can tap on a button and be able to instantly load up a 3D shopping mall with cloth that they can "virtually" try on. The potential here is obvious, These virtual reality experiences load up quickly over the web, and they are smooth. One second you're looking at a normal website. The next, you can be riding a 3D roller coaster that can make your stomach drop.

The web, as we know it, can become interactive, tangible, and more immersive than ever. In fact, you can create a virtual reality website or a VR App with us today. We use a JavaScript standard which allow a normal website, with the push of a button, to transform into an incredible, 3D, 360° view of UI controls or landscapes - allowing your audiences to experience a truly-immersive, virtual-reality experience simply by using their web browsers. Tap a button, and, instantly, a 2-D website will fill your vision with a complete, 3D, 360°, interactive world. In fact, if your customers adopt to our company's specific VR hardware, they will be able to actually walk up to an object on your VR website and touch it. Browse through some of our 3D, 360° videos below by using the drag function on your mouse to explore the full immersive view of virtual worlds.

  1. VRMaverick - Shopping Website
    VRMaverick - Shopping Website
  2. VRMaverick - Interactive
    VRMaverick - Interactive
  3. VRMaverick - Interactive
    VRMaverick - Interactive
  4. VRMaverick - Equipment
    VRMaverick - Interactive Equipment
  5. VRMaverick - Website
    VRMaverick - Website
  6. VR Full Body Interface
    VR Full Body Interface
  7. Future Combat System (FCS)
    Military Use of VR/AR
  8. Future Combat System (FCS)
    Military Use of VR/AR
  9. Future Combat System (FCS)
    AR Automatic Targeting Robocop Gun
  10. Future Combat System (FCS)
    AR Automatic Targeting Robocop Gun
  11. Future Combat System (FCS)
    AR Automatic Targeting Robocop Gun
  12. Future Combat System (FCS)
    Future Combat System (FCS)
Making your ideas into a "virtual" reality